Thursday, August 13, 2009

Them's peaches.

I bought an orange bra this week.

Breasts have always been compared to fruit. If breast size was a slot machine, pulling the handle and getting a couple grapefruit on the reels means you won the jackpot. You make back your bet if you roll apricots. You lose your bet if you come up kumquat.

Kumquat. Heh. That word sounds dirty.

Anyhow, I am the owner of a valencia orange sized and colored bra. It's pulp free. It was on sale for 6 bucks! Wow!

8k more and I could be sporting jack o'lanterns....


  1. Congrads, i guess,,,,i have no sense for women's fashions but i wonder what one would wear over an orange bra.

    What kind of fruit would u use to describe your pic over there <<<<


  2. Yeah..Kumquat should be renamed Cumsquat...WHAT ???!?!?? I didnt say that ! LOL

  3. :O

    What a ruination of a perfectly wholesome fruit, full of vitamin C and shit!

  4. LOL. I just love posts about boobs. And Kumquat... Yeah, don't see me rushing over to the local grocer for that hot ticket item.

  5. juicy and dripping with vitamin C...dripppppppingggggg...


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