Friday, September 04, 2009

Deep fried Twinkies.

Welcome to day one of our four day weekend!

Oh, you didn't get today off? Unless you live in Elko County, you wouldn't be aware that it's officially Elko's "You shore do gots a perty l'il heiffer, Earl. Let's get 'er in with my bull." day!

In other words, it's county fair day. My county commissioner wants me to drive my family 120 miles there and 120 miles back to look at 4-H exhibits.

I like sheep.

Oh, and there is a brothel along the route.

The point is, I always forget that I could actually enter stuff into these fairs myself. You know, stuff I sewed. Stuff I drew. Stuff I pulled off my cat, twisted into yarn and crocheted into house slippers. Because I don't knit. Knitting is a Ayn Randian conspiracy.

Besides the blue ribbon I know I'd be awarded for all my excellence there are 20 dollar prizes associated with each! Enough blue ribbons and I've paid the gas to get there.

The only payment I get for collecting shedding cat hair is love.


  1. I sure ppl would buy your boobs at that fair. Even if they wouldnt fit their sheep!


  2. Our county fair is in my hubby's hometown. I can't enter my knitting there because he forbids us to go. He says it's an evil, evil town and that it's for our own good.


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