Tuesday, September 15, 2009


You wanna know whats awesome?

When you and your spouse have shoved all the kids into their beds for the night...

Clothing is completely removed, even the socks...

A game of "warm warm cold warm warmer" is getting to the very warm point...

And you suddenly notice that the feathers inside your down comforter are escaping en-masse, like lemmings off a cliff, and sticking to any body part above the temperature of lukewarm.

That's what's awesome.

Photo requests are denied.


  1. How about a fully rendered charcoal drawing

  2. I love Afternoon Delights but then I don't have school aged children around to worry about. We have never experienced the feathers coming out of a comforter.

  3. My wife only plays 'cold cold cold stop it cold I said NO cold Jesus H. Christ cold get out.'

  4. So i take it u arent allergic to down. Yet another important thing to remember or not, lol

    Do u get to take him comforter shopping in the morning?


  5. i stopped by feather filled bed items for this exact reason.

  6. Just be thankful there was not any whipped cream, chocolate or honey in this picture...


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