Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning Minutia XII

The cat hurled in the night, which isn't rare or unusual. However, all three kids had to fuss about the hurl this morning even after the hurl was cleaned. Eventually they brushed their teeth.

I'm going to squish grout between my toes later because I'll be tiling my kitchen floor this morning. Yeah, I only started this project a year ago. Cement slab living has it's perks. That's why I'll be tearing up my impractical beige carpeting soon.

Since I've moved the fridge to the living room, because you should tile under your appliances too, my children haven't been able to stay out of the thing.

I took my youngest for a check up with the new doctor in town. McDreamy has moved to McBendover. McSigh. Next week I'm going in for an ear infection that I'm not even suffering from yet.


I'm homesick for Utah. The previous mullet has nothing to do with it.

It's tiresome to be told, since my husband is a war veteran, that we should listen and support conservative media or conservatism as it is now. Inflammatory is inflammatory and military service doesn't make a person more susceptible to that asshattery. Especially since most people who tell me this never served.

Justin brewed me a lovely pot of a new brand of coffee before he left for work. I've peed at least six times since having a cup.

My oldest son wants a drum set. Cue laughing now.

More minutia, less thinking.


  1. Asshattery?

    You should make one of those.

    Asshats would totally fly off the shelves.

  2. Hey,
    I had to password protect my blog. If you want it, email me at
    Some Pig

  3. The drumsets are tolerable if and ONLY if you shell out the $$ for the electric kind that they can pound on and listen to results on earphones.

    Good luck with the tile. We had a guy come in and do it, and it STILL meant our fridge was ion the front room for a week. Was worth it though.

  4. You must let the boy explore his musical side. What if he bees famous? And YOU TRIED TO STOP HIM? Off to Shady Acres with you.


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