Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tee shot.

Driving to school this morning my ten year old son was insistent that his appearance on the planet is the fault of a stork.

To which I replied that I knew for a fact that there were no storks involved whatsoever. That would be perverted and besides, I did not get stitches down in my no-no areas because some damned bird didn't do it's job.

My four year old, who feels compelled to offer his view in any conversation, pipes up with "Yeah, dorks!" because he couldn't pronounce "storks". To emphasize that dorks do in fact exist he points to the driving range we pass every morning, populated with men wearing pastels and handling their clubs, and yells, "There's dorks over there!"


Hey, HE said it...I didn't!


  1. Kids just have a way with words huh,,, cute.


  2. Well...stork do look kinda dorky.


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