Monday, October 05, 2009


My almost sixteen year old son has drank all of our milk.

He drinks all the milk almost daily. He snarfs down food, grunts, pours huge tumblers of milk and ingests it in one giant gulp.

Next week I expect to have him attempt to go to school dressed about like this:

Moloko Villocet.

It was suggested that he just hook himself up straight to a teat and suck away. More likely than not a willing teat will be bovine instead of human and thank god for that.

The upside of all this milk drinking? It's building brain cells. He needs those.

...and I'm not nursing this child anymore. Double plus.


  1. SCM drank milk like a damn calf too until his heart attack. Two to three gallons a week just for him. Even though it was 2% doc said it really isn't good to drink it like water.

    So even though the kid is only 16, you may want to buy low fat or skim if he is going to drink so much.

  2. When he empties out the milk bag container does he put a new bag back in the container? My 22 year old still cant find scissors to start a new bag.

    Maybe they dont see milk in bags there. If they dont, u might not know what i am asking.

    Anyways, from my experience, u will be stuck with this endless consumption of milk, by your son, until he moves out. So get use to it, and go buy more milk, lol


  3. Erf, I live in the good old USA, where the milk comes in cartons instead of bags. The cartons have handles!

  4. Bags of milk?

    I thought those WERE teats.

  5. Here is a site that explains it all:

    If you go there and click on "The Store" u will see actual pics of our milk bags, which are not to be confused with old ladies.


  6. I don't know where Erf is buyin' his milk ... where I'M from, we get neat and handy lil carton's with handles ....... and it's the prairies and everything!


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