Friday, October 30, 2009

A hard man is good to find.

I need your help.

There is 250 bucks on the line!

If I can convince my unshaven husband to dress in my blue velvet befeathered Mae West costume tomorrow evening, complete with blond wig, much lipstick and huge feathered hat, I'm sure he'll win the top cash prize.

Of course we'll have to rig him up some bosoms. I have balloons and duct tape.

Justin's on the fence.

He's not a dress up kind of guy. Yet, the money has him tempted.

Last year, I won second place, got my udders in the paper. It was an honor.

Please, help me convince him that it's his turn to be honored! Best argument may win a prize!


  1. Justin, no bull, is your wife the only one with the balls to dress up and win some moo-lah? That's just udderly unfair.

  2. C'mon, Justin, think of the books you could buy with that money !

  3. Justin, think how well it could advertise your Becky's costume biz. Could be so successful that you end up retiring early...

  4. It is now too late for me to influence him in any way, but how did you two do? Will there be any photos?

  5. Well??!!! Did he and where are the pictures??

  6. Who left the anonymous comment! WHO WHO WHO!!!!!!

  7. I wasnt the Anonymous one. I have seen the pics. Does Justin want a date, lol


  8. I'm anonymous. Real name Robyn.

    I don't have a public blog anymore.

    Love your blog.


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