Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I volunteered to help at my child's preschool.

Apparently I'm to assist in the mixing of homemade play dough.

I know.  I'm laughing about this too.  Once I had a brain that was actually capable of complete thoughts and rational decision making.  Now I'll be making play dough with a dozen and a half four year olds, at least two of them smelling like pee and one like vegetable soup.  Goody!

After the play dough is made it would be prudent of me to fight the inclination to make inappropriate things out of it.  There are so many things you could call a long roll of play dough and all of them hilarious.  Average length?  Poo.  Extra long and skinny?  Diarrhea.  Twelve inches long and thick? You've eaten your fiber.

Snicker.  I know where you went.

I'm dealing with four year olds here.  They know and appreciate poop humor.  When I volunteer to make play dough with you folks we can act more sophisticated.

Hopefully none of you will smell like pee.


  1. You used the word "extruded." I'm impressed.

    Why does at least one kid smell like pee? What is it with that? Ugh.

  2. Eww..the vegetable soup kid. Never liked that one.

  3. ..then lay it across the toilet seats.

    Loads of fun.

    Not for the janitors, obviously.

  4. Better than smelling like boiled cauliflower. Not MUCH better... but better.

  5. go ahead, make an inappropriate thing from the playdough and see what happens


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