Friday, November 13, 2009

Going Viral...requiring bedrest and fluids.

I've sifted through a lot of video this morning to bring you one that is appropriate considering the hour of the day.  You should thank me.  There was nudity, and vomit, and pus and something involving a pair of lovely young ladies and a singular receptacle.

I could use a breakfast burrito.  I'm starving.

It was either do this post or watch Dr. Memet Oz show off a pair of cadaver testicles on his show.  Hope to Cletus that they came from a cadaver because if they didn't what Dr. Oz is trying to teach us all about testicular health doesn't apply to one unlucky guy.

For illustration, from all the clips I perused, here is the cleanest and most politically correct of the entire 105 in the list.

I apologize for the crappy video quality. This copy is from YouTube instead of directly from the Tosh.0 website. The embed function from Tosh.0 wants to post multiple copies of the clip all down my screen.  Watching that took the image of cadaver testicles right out of your mind, didn't it? 

Tosh.0, the internet video clip show on Comedy Central,  is hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh.  He's an adolescent.

...and I want to sniff his hoody.

Are you a little surprised?  I am.  Daniel Tosh is typically not my type.  He's well groomed enough but I can't get past the frat boy essence even if we are the same age.  I'm menopausal and he's going to go out and ride his scooter.

He brings out the junior high in me and not the parts that are undeveloped and awkward.  For that, I so totally XOXOXO him 4evah.

Oh Daniel Tosh, you son of a preacherman bowhunk!  Why am I so unexplicably drawn?  Oh, that's right, you aren't above appearing mostly naked on your show, except for that annoying and convenient blurred spot, and that takes testicles.  Real ones.  Not  floppy dead ones.

And salvia.


  1. Huh, I'd go along with ya there... in about ten to fifteen years.

  2. its strange. i love tosh too and cant figure out why. he doesnt fit my usual celeb crush MO at all. but yet, i want him nonetheless.

    we may have to fight over him. meet me outside the cafegymatorium after school. be prepared to have your hair pulled. skank.

  3. You always say you won't sell things like this. I didn't think "this" actually existed. Yet when I went on kijiji to look at actually selling some shoes, etc, THIS IS WHAT I FOUND. I was ..... surprised???

    Wow. People really have no pride. I'm stunned.

  4. This is a great site you have here. I just found it but I'm liking it. I have a humor site as well and I'd like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible.

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  5. I love Tosh.0 and that clip was too funny. So glad you posted it!

  6. Notice that Tosh or "Toshie Buns" as Becky might like to call him in the near future isnt wearing his hoddy in the video. So Becky did u already help yourself to his hoddy?

    The guy who delivers the kick in the video places one leg on either side of his victim. Not such a good place to stand if the victim ever came to, huh. If he did they might both be withering in pain.


  7. No man crush on Tosh but I give him mad props for being able to get paid on whatever 20 some year dude does at work - surf the net and make dumb jokes.


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