Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My turkey is never dry.

Since my entire family is hacking and spewing viscous substances, we've bowed out of driving into the crazy happy beehive that is Utah and are going to stay home to baste our turkey.  Yes, Utah is crazy.  Never question that.

Oh, you're not.  You're just enthusiastically agreeing with me.  Sharing my pain.  Thanks.  This is why I blog.  Share my  pain, not my flu.

Having my Thanksgiving here in Nevada means everything I do to my turkey in Nevada stays here in Nevada.


  1. Baa haa haa. Took me a minute to get the picture. Im slow tonight. Very cute.

  2. Is that how you do turkeys in Nevada? Very creative. The photo shows five nice birds. And I hope you get over the crud soon.

  3. So u are the one on the left, right?



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