Tuesday, November 03, 2009

An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.

Our once anonymous commenter, Robyn, outed herself and has won prize for her part in convincing my husband to dress like this:

However, my husband didn't win. He didn't even place. The judges felt moved to give prize money to three undeserving and unimaginative costumes which caused the crowd to boo.

Nevertheless, the high point of the evening was when a man wearing something like this:

...offered his services to Justin.

Results? Them's balloons.

Justin received many fine compliments on his carriage and manners.

So, Robyn, throw me an email through my profile and you'll find a lovely pair of sterling silver vampire fangs in your mailbox shortly!


  1. Holy Mavis McCarty, that's a damn fine lookin' woman there! Cannot believe she failed to win the grand prize, should nuzzled a judge er two.

  2. I think I banged that chick in the first picture in college.

    I'm not proud.

  3. OH Man this is toooo funny! He's a good sport. lol

  4. Justin, I take it all back. You da man...uh, woma...anyway, I'm moo-ved by your efforts. Thanks for the mammaries!

  5. I didn't see the others but if they won fair and square they must have been nothing short of fantastic. Although Justin almost looks a little frightened in this photo (I would be too, thinking about going out to a party dressed that way), it looks very well done.

    The guy in the other photo ought to offer his services to Medicare. He probably would be a lot cheaper than the places most Senior retirement homes are using now.

  6. I had to click on that link about losing your virginity..thanks a lot jackass!!!

  7. Oh good . . . Jill let me know what the link was, I don't have to click it. Thanks Jill !!

  8. Alrighty, I removed the linky because it was timely...or something.

    Pah Jillllll.


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