Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We don't bite our friends.

It was a glorious day yesterday.

I'm regular these days, so I wasn't referring to that.  If you aren't regular and you too had a glorious day yesterday, I'm thrilled for you. We've all been there.

Yesterday was thrilling because this four year old child of mine, my last child who has awesome whine on cue powers, was dressed in real clothing complete with socks AND shoes and taken to preschool from 12:15 to 2:45.

I gleefully missed two and a half hours of Dora, Diego and Max and Ruby. Screw you Backpack. Not on MY time. I want no part of whatever you're keeping under that zipper of yours. FREEDOMMMM!

Since all this nasty flu is floating about the lessons this week in preschool are germ and safety oriented. It's important that after you pick your nose and wipe your booger on your playmate that you wash your hands. My son was sent home with brightly illustrated literature in which we can reinforce these lessons at home.

The more you know:

Wear your seatbelt.
Know how to get to safety if there is a fire.
Don't put small things into your mouth while could choke.
Don't drink poison! Even yummy looking house cleaners.
Play nice on the playground!
Don't swim without supervision!

And most importantly...don't play with guns.

Which I can indeed reinforce at home. We don't keep any guns in our actual home. All the guns my husband likes to play with in the safest way possible are stored at other locations which may or may not be the Buick sized bomb shelter I secretly built under my patio.

Below is the educational cartoon I scanned right out of my son's book. No joke.

Can you put the storyboard in the right order? Boots? Dora?

Because after wiping a booger on your playmate we don't need any retribution.


  1. I want the cartoon that shows why the gun was on the table in the first place. Now, THAT has to be one helluva story!

  2. Since in my entire life I have never read the instructions, I went through the cartoons three times trying to figure out wtf was going on...

    AHHH...out of ORDER. Well, that makes more sense logistically but really, I... Hmmm...

  3. I read the storyboard from left to right, top to bottom, and it made perfect sense to me. Uh-oh did I just flunk preschool?


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