Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's not waterpark weather.

It's cold outside.


Which is why we are grateful when the temperature spiked a few degrees above freezing yesterday,  the control valve to our lawn sprinkling system blew then, causing our snow covered lawn to burst into fountains, rather than blowing while the temperature was that much freeze-my-ass-off-ish. wouldn't have blown at all would it?  If it had just stayed freezy?  Dammit.

We did think we had turned it off.  You unhook your hoses and turn the knobs off to your system and unplug then electricals and it shouldn't function.  There should be no fountains.  There should be no icicles hanging off your rose bushes.   It's a stinkin' conspiracy!  It's close to MLM!

My husband spent a few hours in some very cold mud yesterday removing the old valve and capping off the system until spring.  There was a hacksaw involved.  That's always entertaining.  Anytime there is home maintenance to be done and it involves a hacksaw you know it may also be time to take off your shirt from under your overalls,  put some bacon on the backyard grill,  get out the shotguns, fire them into the air or toward neighborhood cats, and whoop.  Hacksaws are just so earthy.

While repairs were underway the water was shut off which meant stern warnings to the kiddies that while they could sit down and introduce new substances into the toilet, they must not flush it.  No water.  We have ONE flush each toilet and there will be no wasting of the flushes!

Each kid took this to heart.  They don't remember to flush half the time anyway, even when we haven't had winter fountains in the yard.  My kids...they support hacksaw parties.

Just in case, when we get in our fabulous minivan tomorrow and drive ourselves into Utah to visit with our families, we'll be turning off the water right after that last long car ride flush.  We absolutely don't need to put on a winter water show for our neighbors while we are gone.

Good thing I have never attempted to toilet train my cat.  He never listens.


Day 24 of my audio advent calendar is 80 proof!  This crazy drunk lady manages a jolly rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas

Grandma?  Is that you?


  1. LOL I'm sorry about the water, but you are so friggin' funny!

  2. That funny but not as funny as the person I saw a the beach the other day.


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