Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The power, the absolute power!

It's not often around this little corner of the blogosphere that I display my serious side.   Content of The Absent Minded Housewife will more often than not have references to my boobs, or my groin, or to 70's porn films or farts.  Serious schmearious, there have been too many bodily functions in my existence to not make light of them.

Besides, that stuff is funny.  Matches my decor.

One can't be funny all the time.  Between the farts I have deep thoughts and a couple of brain cells to rub together.

There have been places on the internets where I could go to express myself in more adult and less lewd ways, to the chagrin of many.  Places where I can use my great big vocabulary and cultivate a part of me that gets underutilized in the daily raising of my rug apes.  It's natural that some of these spots in my online world come and go.  A few have run their course and I miss them terribly.  A few have stopped meshing well with my personality and life views.  Some are too anonymous and others aren't anonymous enough. 

Though all my meanderings in front of this screen and under my mouse there has been one constant.  I've grown there in ways that I'm beyond grateful for.  Yet, in all my years and participation in this particular forum, it never occurred to me that I was a likely choice to step into the role of moderator when a woman I respect and have quite a lot of appreciation for stepped down.

My silly fart joke loving self is now moderator of About.com's Marriage Forum

Oh lordy, do they know what they're in for?  Do I?  Where is Scut Farkus when you need him?  Who says this stuff isn't real life?

In any case, I'm truly honored.  The Gas-X is in my desk drawer and I'll do my best.


December 1st?  Time for caroling!

For your listening pleasure, day 1 of my audio advent calendar, Dominick the Christmas Donkey by Lou Monte.  Enjoy.

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