Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under and Over the Mistletoe

You didn't buy your significant other any of that holiday themed underwear to stuff their stocking with, did you?

That is NOT the spirit of Christmas.  For shame!

Buying any of the following will result in Santa Claus leaving you a lump of coal:


You'll slip on the ice.

Christmas wedgie.

Carrots improve eyesight?  You don't say!

Tinkles the Sexy Sexy Elf.

You realize that you cannot return any of these well thought out gifts for sanitary reasons, right?

Let's not expound on what is and is not sanitary.  I have to bake a yule log.


If you DID end up with a pair of festive underbritches, pair them along with day 22 of my audio advent calendar!  Santa Wants Lovin' by Albert Collins.  Get your Jingle on.


  1. Wonder where I can get SCM a pair of the snowman boxers? It may help my imagination.

  2. I would trade the lump of coal I received for any of the gifts in the top three photo's.

  3. There is no trading your lump of coal! When you get stuck with a lump of coal you're stuck. Stuck stuck stuck!


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