Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drive Thru Voting, I want fries with that.


Ahhhh. I haven't typed that word for so long. Feels good.

As many of my readers and other hangers on recall, I was more than open about my opinion of our previous president being a twat. I had several reasons why I came to that conclusion based on the man himself. None of those reasons included his political affilliation. I didn't think Reagan was a twat. I didn't think George senior was a twat. Mondale was sort of a twat. Maybe he isn't anymore. I'm unsure.

In other words, I don't think Republicans are twats simply because they are Republicans. I don't think Democrats are non-twats simply because they are Democrats. Each party includes their fair share of twats generally acting in a way where there is no question that they've earned the title.

If I'm reading political commentary, and you address one party or the other
in an inflammatory way to shore up what you're blabbering on about, I'm done listening to your point of view. It's not worth reading because we've just lost logic and reasoning. Why to call our enemies in war by derrogatory slurs? Because it makes it easier to dehumanize them to kill them. No room for that in a democratic culture. Individuals are twats based on their unique merits and ideas.'s whats for dinners.

Now, here we are, the day of the State of the Union address with a new shiny president and I haven't named a new twat to replace the outgone twat and I haven't decided on a new annual address menu. The old menu, in honor of Bush Jr., consisted of any dish made up of a majority of beans. Chili. Burritos. Refried. Delicious and ultimately noisy.

New twat? I'm still pondering. Glenn Beck is up there and it's not because he's a Republican. Plenty of reasons to catapult him to twathood. Mentholatum, yup yup.

New menu? I'm thinking anything covered in cheese. Loads of gooey constipating cheese. Yes we can...grunt...can.

Pizza, enchiladas, nachos, mac and cheese, lasagna. I dunno. We had spaghetti for dinner last night.

Or we could just gnaw on a hunk of government cheese. Delicious.

Votes for new twat are being accepted. List at least one reason. List twenty if you like. Look over those attending the state of the union for inspiration while you suck back cheese.


  1. Waiting to see what Bo has to say tonight. I am sure he will say whatever he has to say well. I just hope it has some substance.

  2. I dont have anyone particularly in mind to replace GW maybe u should just keep him at the top of the list for an extended period.

    If u were a Canuck u would have more parties to choose your candidates from. We arent just stuck with picking someone from one of 2 parties, lol


  3. def glenn beck or palin. both are pretty twatty.

  4. I think Nancy Pelosi has the whole twat thing sewed up.

    Literally and figuratively.

  5. Hahahahaha! She might do pig, she might do.

  6. I'm going to second that suggestion for Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck's earned it for every time he makes a teary-eyed pouty face on national t.v. despite being on a news network (sort of) rather than Jersey Shore. Ok, I'm going to have to shorten my vote to just Beck, if I get going on Palin, I start to get the sort of pressure behind my eyes that suggests that I'm about to have a stroke.


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