Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen for the scream.

It's really not my fault that it's this cold and my feet are only following suit.

Justin's home today. I'm going to put my toes on his butt upon the suggestion of a friend. It'll be a delightful surprise for everyone involved!


  1. Good idea, smart friend.

    Justin should like it and thank you for it, lol


  2. I always get in trouble whenever I try something like that with my other half. Somehow she isn't as into warming my feet as I am.

  3. Global warming is really happening, isn't it? Here in the southern hemisphere it's unbelievably hot. As hot as it has never been before.

  4. I put my cold hands on hubby's body parts (ahem and not his butt either..haha) It's like a turtle going into it's shell...


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