Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parentstrual Cramps

I'm watching women give birth on Discovery Health.

Makes a person's uterus clenchy.

Now the Duggars are on.

Again, makes a person's uterus clenchy.

As they name off all of their progeny I wonder how different all of them are. If you aren't paying attention closely you could assume they are little clones of their parents. Of course that wouldn't be the case. Every single one of them has a unique personality with unique talents and unique moods. One of them J names is going to go Sex Pistols, I know it.

My own kids are so damned different from one another. While they all look like they were issued from my clenchy uterus they don't look similar to each other necessarily. They act differently. They whine differently.

Needless to say this has my sixteen years old next month son in a whirl of confusion and frustration on top of the Hoover Dam of hormones. Me too. Why is it that I can do everything so perfectly and so humbly and yet my kids aren't like ME?

This teenaged son of mine struggles so, with direction, with motivation, with identity, with self worth. He's always struggled. My ten year old son, in deep and stark comparison, does not. Thoughts and talents come easily to him. The four year old has asked for soda or candy for breakfast every morning for half his life and has been told no every morning for half his life.

Naturally my first born thinks I favor the second born or the third. Sigh. It's difficult.

It wasn't exactly my dream for my 16 year old to go Sex Pistol. He's not wearing black eyeliner yet but it's only a matter of time. He wears his disgruntled attitude like a wetsuit though. Tight. Smells like pee.

Next month my boy gets a job. Gainful and meaningful employment. Yet another life lesson to to sink or swim with. It won't be long and it really will be sink or swim when it comes to his own life and his own choices.

I wished I'd clenched my uterus just a little harder and kept him a child for just a little while longer. This inoculation is going to be sore for a while.

Ripping off the Looney Toons bandage is going to sting.

And I'm sterile. Woot!


  1. How about D-R-I-V-I-N-G? Sixteen next months sounds a lot like it is time for that. I hope he does better than Pat's granddaughter. Three times she has hit the garage door backing out when it wasn't open. Probably too busy texting to pay attention.

  2. He doesn't have a cell phone...

    He can't drive unless the grades come up. WAY up. Otherwise he can't afford to insure himself. If he drives he pays his own insurance.

  3. My mom always tell me how fast time flies. Very true, isn't it?

  4. So your kids arent perfect like u, huh. Can u blame it on Justin ;)

    Seems to me that i have to take the blame for my sons' imperfections. I even hear it from them, lol. At least they have my sense of humour.



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