Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ring...pause...hello? Hello?

If my phone rings once more with another one of them damned computer automated messages, I'm going to start sending slightly terse e-mails to the offenders IN ALL CAPS.

(That's instead of throwing my phone out into the snow or spray painting the word "poophead" on any of their facilities in neon orange.)

My child's school has called no less than three times today with an automated message of some sort or another. I cannot blame schools for using this service. If a note pinned to your child's chest won't make it home a phone call might make it to a listener who is interested. When technology catches up to fantasy, someday a hologram of a school administrator is going to beam right into my living room and tell me that my child owes lunch money.

Sure, call for lunches, but I am NOT interested in joining my local parent/teacher organization or association. Tonight, when I go to bed, I'll be supporting a teacher in the most personal of ways, in ways that may or may not be the definition of my first name on Any other support of any other teacher is rendered cheap past that. The teachers know I love them.

Check out what computer automated invites to your child's parent/teacher conference has compelled one parent to do:

Don't attempt that at home.

I also do not need computerized invites to GOP meetings. So far the Democrats have invited me and my husband with a real unpaid volunteer on the other end of the line. My Republican friends have droned over Memorex. I'm not attending either meetings.

Here is what computer automated invites compell senators to do:

The dentist's computer called me with a reminder that it's yet again time to look at his hairline.

I'm wearing my offensive Mom jeans, see if I don't.

You didn't watch any of my YouTubes did you? You're still laughing over the definition of my name on Urban Dictionary aren't you?


May the automated computer calling gods smite you by spray painting "poophead" on your domiciles.

No one supports a teacher as well as I do dammit.


  1. I checked the first of your U-Tubes and that is no way to treat a teacher. I looked up your name. Interesting on Becky (Becky Brown Boobs?) and nothing on absentmindedhousewife. I didn't look at the other two, but I think I will look at the MadTV one. I really don't want to look at another senator right now, I'm a little fed up with them.

  2. LOL @ the definition of your name on that site. I have never heard it being called that before. I guess I am not with it eh.

    I am sure that teacher to whom you speak of, likes your support.



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