Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can you hear me now?

I purchased an otoscope from Amazon this week.  It should be arriving on my doorstep any day now.  Squee!

An otoscope is not a sex toy.  At least no one in my house should be using it for that purpose.  One uses one's otoscope to look into someone else's ears.  If that is what constitutes kink in your house, well, that's ducky for you.  You can keep your stories to yourself.

My sons inherited my husband's twisted (kinked?) ear canals and develop such wax plugs that, as a parent, managing to remove makes me feel triumphant.  Only this afternoon we used the blue bulb to squirt out my middle son's left ear and discovered Jimmy Hoffa.  The local doc, who is adorable, instructed me on how to remove teamsters from my kid's ears safely.  My insurance premiums will not go up for the sake of Q-tips.

Hence the otoscope.  Now it's possible to see plugs instead of psychically intuit plugs.  There are no tarot cards to tell me about inner ear health.

Just for the educational value of it, my boys and I turned to YouTube to learn about ear health.

My sons and I bonded over clips submitted by a witty Indian ears, nose and throat specialist.  We ooohed over plugged ears, aahhhed over the removal of insects, exclaimed over tonsil stones and screamed over abscesses. 

Viewing maggots congregating in some unfortunate person's nasal cavity is good family fun.  Not quite the quality of The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, but close.

Yeah, I'll throw you a link to Dr. Janakiram's YouTube channel.  You knew I would.  Watch at your own risk...or delight.

Have a link to the otoscope too.

I love Bollywood.

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  1. I met an ear candler once but i think her treats were more holistic than anything that is medically required.

    Have fun playing doctor.



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