Monday, May 03, 2010

Child Restraints

If I didn't have more resolve you folks would have to convince me into not engaging in some very tempting behavior.

Behavior which has nothing to do with gambling, alcohol, sex or chocolate. There isn't one single baked goodie involved. Fattening is relative with this one.

I want to make fun of someone.


Just because I can and not because this person did anything in particular to deserve it other than existing and that existence being somewhat annoying yet fascinating.

I could do a real job of work of it too. It would be easy to mix a mirthful bit of passive aggressive jabbing with outright blunt observances. If we could put "yo mamma" up on a literary pedestal I would be the one heaving it up there today, that is, if I didn't have any way of controlling myself.

Then all of you would giggle along with the dry little snark-fest that is my words and agree that this person had painted a target right on the center of their forehead. What a putz.

What's stopping me from making fun of someone today, unlike all the other people I've made fun of in the past?

I just don't want you to think it's you.

Though it could be.

But most likely it isn't. Of course not.

However, if I posted the completely random photo that I came across today that prompted this post, a person would know it was them.

Even if I photoshopped a target on it.

Self control people. I has it.



  1. good restraint.

    btw we stole stuff

  2. Put it back with fresh batteries...thanks.

  3. Thanks for just keeping my laughable nakies to yourself. But I was really wondering where u were going to place the target.



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