Monday, June 28, 2010

Matching the drapes.

I delivered my husband to Elko again yesterday for his last week of skoolun. 

This means that I've had to come up with ways to entertain my chilldruns all by my lonesome.  Doing deep cleaning isn't entertaining enough for them.  Oh no.  Removing furniture from our family home in preparation for our sainted carpet laying professional wasn't on their list of summer shenanigans.

They cannot see why new carpet is a necessity.  They think that rolling around on our cement flooring is preferable.  Afterall, carpet impedes any speed you may work up on the skateboard that's sat unused for two years in the bedroom corner.  Plus the echo through the house has been most enjoyable when bickering.

I'm more than pleased to get carpet that isn't the color of Crisco.  This means that I can actually hold my housewife head up high and declare some semblance of hygiene in my home because the new carpet is dark brown.  That hides spilled Kool-ade.  Maybe not grape. 

I will hurt my children if they spill anything on the carpet. 

As it is, I have decimated carpet padding and dust all over my rear end and that's enough to put a person in a foul mood.

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