Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sleeping Alone

I haven't slept well since Justin's been away.  It's hard to not share a bed.

There isn't enough bed joustling to fall asleep to.  It's too still.  There isn't enough snoring to fall asleep to.  It's too quiet.

Or it's quiet in all the wrong ways and noisy in all the wrong ways.

Because when you finally get to sleep at two in the morning and then you are awakened at four to the thumping of both the cat and the sixteen year old child chasing a mouse through the house, it makes a bedtime lonely mother a wee bit cranky.

It makes a lot of sense that my cat would chase a mouse through the house.  That's a good snack.

I have no idea why my son thought that such shenanigans at that time of the morning were necessary when the cat was doing a fine job all by itself, despite being dumb and gay.  The kid may need a snack, he's a skinny little turd, but I doubt a mouse is going to do much appetite wise.

Tonight I don't care if there is a four ton rhino in my house.  No one is chasing it.  That's final.

However, the beasty can get into my bed with me and wiggle it so I can fall asleep.


  1. Just remember that poor Justin is probably also missing out on having a bed mate. Although he is in a college environment..... But those dorm beds are pretty small.

  2. I can't sleep without my hubby either. I always have to sleep with the TV on and I almost wish my 7 yr. old daughter would climb in to bed with me. Of course those are the nights she doesn't. She only climbs in when he's home and there's no room and I wind up sleeping in a position that no human should be in. Then I wake up cranky, tired and in pain while my daughter and husband are just fine.

    In any event....I hope the 4 ton rhino doesn't get stuck to your un-shaven legs ;)


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