Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Feels like the first time.

My husband had to have a Blu-Ray player.  We got one last Christmas at a price that wasn't too bad.  Did I hyphenate that right?  I'm not sure.  I don't understand why we needed one.  I haven't noticed a spectacular increase in picture quality or sound.  I'm glad that it plays my DVDs and we didn't have to upgrade our movie library, most of which are also items Justin had to have.

A weird thing happened on the way to the discount movie bin however.  We've not purchased a single Blu-Ray disc in all the time we've owned this fancy new gadget with it's HDMI umbilicus.  There hasn't been a movie we wanted to replace bad enough .

That is...until today.

Pride and Prejudice with this bit of deliciousness...

...went on sale in all it's Blu-Ray widescreen drooling glory on Amazon with free super saver shipping.

This is the point in this post where I delicately remove all my clothing and lie on the floor in the fetal position willing the spasms to stop.  (Soiling my new carpet.  I have a little green clean machine.)

Yeah, we could have replaced our Lord of the Rings, our Saving Private Ryan, our Gone With The Wind, our Lawrence of Arabia...but no...none of that would do.  It had to be the one...the first.  We had to replace the DVD dull Mr. Darcy with bright and well defined gorgeous hairy male decollatage.

Spasms.  Please excuse me a moment. 

God, I'm happy to be a woman.

Now, for those ladies, and those men who are so inclined, who are debating over this Twilight Edward vs Jacob silliness?  You can all suck it.  Those pansies don't even compare.  Blu-Ray won't increase any of their amiable qualities.

If we're staying pure until marriage I'm staying pure for Fitzwilliam and his button up breeches and his knee length linen underclothes.




  1. My husband wants a Blu-Ray. It has to be one that is internet capable. I don't see the point. Like you, I haven't noticed the difference in the picture quality. However, I would love to see Twilight on one (yes I am a Twi-mom) and the Back to the Future trilogy is coming out on Blu-Ray in October. That might be worth it.

  2. I LOOOOOVE this version of pride & prejudice. I was raised on an awful, BBC miniseries from the 70's, in which mr. darcy is ugly and boring. The scene where they finally connect - you know the one - leaves me weak in the knees. Damn my feminine programming.

    Also, posting as anonymous, but I'm called Free At Last on postmo.


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