Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Balls and chains, for everyone, even short people and redheads.

I'm waiting for the California Prop 8 decision.  It should be popping up all over the interwebs in the next two hours.

I'm for gay marriage in case you wondered.  I'm a big old fan of legal marriage in general and if it's legal it should be available to any two unrelated autonomous adult persons who want to enter into that contract.  Yes, marriage.  Not civil unions.  The terms are just semantics. 

The "my union is God's union and yours ain't!" terminology is obnoxious.  Being for gay marriage has me at odds with most of the people where I come from, the Utahiest location in Utah. 

Well...I'll save my commentary on that until after the decision is announced. 

However, I'll put my prayer out into the blogosphere in a concrete way, in a way that can be Googled.  I hope Prop 8 is overturned.  Amen.

It's overturned.  Again...Amen. (3 pm mountain)


  1. I drove through southern Utah once on my way to Vegas. It was the most beautiful scenery I've ever experienced in my life. But, yeah, I don't think I could ever live there being super-liberal in most of my political views. I'd be getting in arguments with EVERYBODY.

  2. I went to college in Southern Utah and it's certainly more liberal than Utah County, where I grew up. Utah County is about the reddest location in the US.

    ...and that's where my gay sister and her partner live, making everyone all uncomfortable and shit..

    Now I live in a casino town in NV and I'm allowed to say bad words.

  3. SO happy it was overturned!! I have a gay aunt who is legally married in Vermont, and lots of gay friends..most of whom live here in California...I am SO happy for them today!!

  4. The same folks against gays marrying are the same folks against inter-racial marriage. A bigot is a bigot.
    And I always marvel when the intolerant mention marriage to an animal as the "what's next?" scenario.
    Really? Bestiality is next on deck? It reveals the the twisted logic of the intolerant.

  5. Okay, I just stumbled across your blog, and I think I may love you. Or at least stalk you from now on.

    I too am thrilled Prop 8 was overturned. Then again, I'm gay so not objective. Then again, am Canadian, so already married. We do that here.

    Love the blog. Is effing hysterical!

  6. Can we send all the duel husband married ppl to Utah, just for you, Becky? Its legal here.



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