Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning Minutia XIII

I woke up and my boobs were sore and it was raining. I don't think my boobs are predicting the weather but you never know. I'm just glad I don't lactate anymore.

Two boxes of hair dye and shazzam, my corkscrew grey hairs are still corkscrewed and dark brown!

Cyndi Lauper concert tomorrow with the sisters. If I don't spell "Cyndi" properly one of my sisters will punch me in my sore boob.

School starts Monday. SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY!!! I have some plans and ideas and directions to go in now that all three of the hoard will be in full time. Keep tuned.

It's my 17th anniversary on Wednesday. My sore boobs aren't only predicting the weather. Damn you Crampy McKotex.

Who the hell is Snooki?

My five year old slept in his new school shoes.

I slept in next to little.

When I'm lounging in bed with my laptop I can rest my cup of coffee in the dent in my sternum (Yes, I have a hollow in my sternum which gives my flat chest the illusion of cleavage.) and the warm of the cup soothes my boobs.

The class supply list specified that I send my new kindergartner with three boxes of sixteen count crayons. I bought three boxes of twenty-four count. Overkill? Maybe.

I'm going to go watch Weeds while I do laundry.

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  1. Three boxes of crayons? Are you supplying someone who is underprivileged?????



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