Friday, September 03, 2010

Lynn Wilson Tamales are gone too.

Added March 21, 2012: I found Lynn Wilson tamales at the grocery store today. Apparently they've been back for a while but just not in my grocery store. I love Lynn Wilson tamales with Nalley chili served on top. Yum.  Now, read the post...go it.

Added August 14, 2012:  Welcome readers from Uncle Phaedrus and The Hungry Browser!  Lynn Wilson tamales are delicious aren't they?  I found them in the one grocery store in my tiny Nevada town, Smith's, which is owned by Kroger.  Speaking of lost foodstuffs, one of you even pointed out that Postum is now back.  This is delightful news even at $12 a jar!

Come with me to the kitchen.  Let's make ourselves a steaming mug of Postum.  Heartburn has held me hostage this week so I've gone off anything that tastes good.  Instead of delicious and acidic coffee I'm drinking what's left over in the container of Postum I bought in 2005.   That's the other time I went off coffee.  I was pregnant and my stomach did flip flops at even the smell of coffee.  Postum stays fresh for eternity.

Did you know that the manufacturers of Postum discontinued making it in 2007?  I know it shocked the hell right out me when I found out earlier this year.  Growing up in Utah, where it's a sin to drink coffee and tea, everyone drank gallons of virtuous Postum.  Lucky for dry Utahns the secondary effect of Postum is the same as coffee.  It makes you poop. 

I'm also having a fiber cookie.  They really help soak up the acid and book it on through.  They are surprisingly tasty and so stopping at one serving is difficult.  That's a lot of bulk and sittin' down time.

I considered baking my own fiber cookies but how to I keep the kids from eating dozens?  That's dangerous territory right there.  There is still some goings on about how often or well my five year old wipes his bum.  Hundreds of grams of fiber per kid is going to stop up my plumbing.  At least the packaging on store bought fiber cookies looks like something boring people would eat and my kids don't touch them.

...And what do I do when this last bit of Postum is gone from my pantry?  There is no time machine that can take me back to 2007 so I can buy more.  There are recipes for that too but, meh, preparing my own snacks is so gauche.

Postum gone.  That's a little bit of my heritage gone.

Now give me five minutes.  My heartburn has been mollified and my heritage needs remembering.


  1. I've never tried Postum. Is it as gross as it looks?

  2. It's pretty tasty. Another company makes Pero, about the same stuff, but it doesn't taste as good. Same ingredients basically so I don't know what the difference is.

  3. What the heck is it? I've never heard of it.... can buy some for $115.00 a jar on Amazon ;)

  4. So I should have hoarded more Postum?

    It's a baked grain instant hot beverage. Have a recipe.,1630,149185-250198,00.html

  5. Wow, I continue to learn from your blog. I have never heard of Postum either.

    If you get heartburn, try apple cider vinegar. A couple of teaspoons of that works better for me than Zantac and its cheaper too. Oh, and avoid beer,, darn stuff gives me heartburn now and then but i suffer and drink some anyways.


    (I know: Becky will say "beer is yucky."

  6. Beer is yucky.

    I've done the vinegar thing. It just makes it worse. You know what makes it feel better? Raw cabbage! It's a little weird and it makes me burp, but I feel better.

  7. Go to

    Another company has bought the name and is bringing it back!

  8. Thank you anonymous commenter who I'd like to thank in a more personal way but I can't! I have hoarded my little bit of very old Postum for very special occasions but now I can happily drink it in the evenings!


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