Monday, September 20, 2010

Red state, red state, red state.

Today I've been more homesick than I have been for a long time.

Not that I'm away from home.  I'm still here.  In Bendover.  This teeny little corner of casino hell I moved to nearly 12 years ago.  I'm sitting on this comfortable couch I chose on top of the new carpet which I love enjoying the breezes from the new air conditioning unit and wishing that I were back where I grew up in Utah, in a chicken coop if needs be.

I've been gnawing on this fantasy where I win the Pillsbury Bakeoff and then I could return to where my family lives with the ability to afford to live there too.  Needless to say, they won't pay my public school teacher husband a salary in that state that would cover a family's rent.  Or, you could pay a mortgage and be forced to go about naked for lack of a clothing allowance, which the neighbors may or may not appreciate.

At least here we have an income at all.  Many don't.  I'm grateful.

But I still want to go back to what I know.  Utahns.  Bizzy bees.  Ignoring the prevalent religion.  Ignoring the red leaning ways.  Chain pasta restaurants.  Overworked mothers.  Layered Tshirts and bumpits.  MLMs.  The upwardly mobile in cheap suits.  SUVs.  Kool-ade.  Velveeta.

When we moved to our current armpit we felt like we'd hit the lottery.  We had 200 dollars in our pockets and nothing coming in when Justin was hired.  Being able to procure food and heat was compelling at the time.  Utah didn't want Justin and his 3.9 college history teaching degree if he didn't feel qualified to teach a sport.  Bendover wanted Justin to teach actual readin' and writin' and 'rithmatic.

But today I feel stifled with this place.  This land of not a whole lot going on.  Living 120 miles from a Walmart.


Do I read "The Secret" and put my wish out there into the universe so I can find myself transported somehow to the Land of Mo?

With my coffee pot at least?  Because I need my coffee pot.

I'm unsure of how to end this post.  There is nothing satisfying to close it with.

Maybe shit...or get off the pot....I guess.


  1. I read a disturbing article yesterday while waiting for the tire guys to fix my leaky tire... it stated that almost half of the new teacher hires in the nation, come from the bottom third of their class. Wuff. Wish you could live by your family too.

  2. When Justin was interviewing for teaching positions in Utah he interviewed for around 20 positions and with the exception of one they asked, "Which sport are you coaching?" That's before even looking at his credentials. The one where they didn't ask hired within the district first...which is right.

    Sure, lots of sports guys major in history so they can coach high school sports. That's not my husband. He can do debate, service clubs, you know, "academic clubs are not the same as other kinds of clubs." Sports is not any part of our existence.

    It's hilarious to know where the bottom line was. But this was before NCLB. Maybe it's different in Utah schools now. I doubt it.

    If we moved back to Utah and Justin remained a schoolteacher we'd take a 20K a year paycut.


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