Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stick Figures

I spent some time today trying to nudge my brain toward right thinking rather than left.  Meaning toward being creative and emotional rather than logical and systematic.  Not toward the tea party and Sarah Palin instead of repealing don't ask don't tell instead that awful socialism called health care reform. 

I do this logical and systematic thing pretty good for a girl.  I've found all this stay at home stuff pretty much logical and systematic.  Get hungry, shop for food, cook food, eat food, wash dishes, put dishes away...all to have it start all over again.  That's a system.  It's logical.  It's predictable.  Same with laundry.  Wear it, dirty it, wash it, dry it, fold it, wear it.  Cleaning the toilet too.  If you don't mind we'll skip those steps.

Left brain.  It likes to keep it orderly n shit.

My left brain would prefer that I not take out my sketch book and attempt to describe my thoughts in pictures rather than words.  How do you draw health care reform, woman?  How are you going to draw gay rights?  You wanna caricature Sarah Palin, huh?   You can't do that!  So you aren't going to!

Instead, for practice, I set up a still life and drew an oil lamp and a tea cup.  My withered right brain sort of quivered and then collapsed.

Teacup and lamp, wow, that's emotional subject matter right there.  Just a half degree past apathetic.  People can look at my pencil sketch of the mundane and think, "I wonder if I need to stop at the store and get milk."  Maybe I'll convince people through my sketch to replace their toothbrushes and dust behind their refrigerators.

At least the sketch looks very much like an oil lamp and a tea cup.  Proportioned and shaded.  It does not look like a mutated blob here and a melted blob there.  Though it was crosshatched and that's all linear and geometric.  Quiver.  Collapse.

Even my costume making is suffering from this logical housewifery and these last two years of real estate asshattery.  The last project made was a very logical and 90 degrees square nine block denim quilt top cut from cast off jeans.  Sewing in straight lines made sense.

Friday I looked through my old artist portfolio and wondered where all those bright colors and ideas went?

Didn't snort them up my nose at least...so there's the upside.  It all went toward logical causes.

But the downside is that I can't blow my nose and recapture the magic.

Maybe I'll draw that. 

Green oil pastel is in my future, if that's OK with Andy Warhol.


  1. Yeah. domestic drudgery is creatively barren, and the time spent on housework tends to drain the brain of the good stuff. Now, if you've got a Great American Novel inside you, you might be thinking about your story while sorting laundry (but writing zero actual pages)—but you aren't being visually creative, that's for sure.

    Housework sucks.

    I hope you find the time to re-nurture your creative soul.

  2. I do have time now! I have the gift of time! It's marvelous!

    So getting back into the flow is so not marvelous. I forgot where the switch to that part of my brain is.

  3. Oh, and I just read "Tinkers" and I don't think I have that kind of great American novel in me.

    I'm sure I could hack up a vampire novel or zombie novel however, if I were interested in that sort of thing.


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