Thursday, September 16, 2010

Streaming internal video...

I had to perform a really unpleasant chore today.  Nothing that includes any fragrant bodily fluids though, and for that I'm grateful, but something I'd been avoiding for a year because doing this chore is much like giving yourself a colonoscopy.

Then I felt better, because it was done, and I'm never ever going to have to do this again.

Though in ten to fifteen years I may just get a real colonoscopy.  Woo nothing like a shiny colon.

A half hour ago the UPS man came and brought me a Roku.

Zero to multiples baby, zero to multiples.

Just goes to show it doesn't take much to turn a crappy day around.

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  1. I had to click on your link to see what a Roku is. Nice. I love being able to watch Netflix instant queue through the TV! If you haven't checked out the TV show Veronica Mars, I think you might like it.


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