Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bibbitty Bobbity Boo Hoo Hoo

I swear I didn't purposely rub my nose over asphalt.

My nose only looks like raw meat because I removed a wart.

Yes, you Halloween fun-haters, you no trick or treat on a Sunday weenies, I had a wart on my nose.  Keep your witchy quips to yourself.  Besides my nose being sore you'll hurt my feelings.

Sniff.  My ancestors are mostly English and pale.  We all run the risk of lumps on our faces.  I cannot help it.

What really happened is that I burned off my wart with the use of bandages and apple cider vinegar.  Since this wart was on the tip of my nostril, the bandage had to be bigger and the vinegar also burned off most of my skin on the right side.  Sure, I could have burned it off using an over the counter method but that would require I shell out money when I already have vinegar and bandages in my pantry.  I also have a glass jar full of oats and another full of cornmeal in my pantry too.  Not good for wart removal though.

Last week I recommended this form of wart removal to a likewise wart infested individual and then realised that I was a big old warty hypocrite.  I've removed another wart using vinegar but I'd put off the one on my nose.   It was once cute.  Maybe even personable.  However, it started to grow.  It started demanding snacks.  It got ugly. 

Now it's real ugly.  The other wart came off clean and didn't include people asking me "What happened?"

But, cross fingers, it's gone.

Hopefully the person I recommended this to hasn't burnt off whole appendages trying to remove their own wart.

If you are reading this, and you have, send me a bill.


  1. I hope it heals real fast.

    My neice says to kill a wart you have to not let the air hit it. So instead of using bandages, she covers the wart with duct tape. I havent tried this method cuz I dont have any warts to be removed but she swears by it.

    So take those bandages off your nose and wrap it in duct tape. Oh, and dont let anyone near you with a camera!




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