Monday, October 18, 2010

I like 'em green and the size of dinner plates.

I've mentioned here a time or two that the good Lord above did not bless me with large breasts, or even medium breasts.  The good Lord above bequeathed me with a small chest.  And one side is way smaller than the other.

In other words, my boobs are normal boobs.  Funny looking.  Really spectacular breasts are a human anomaly or human invention, molded from silicone.  Most of us ladies have boobs that we think look like lumps of play-dough after a day at the daycare.  Including the hairs.

So when I heard a gaggle of ten year boys just a giggling over "how they like 'em" after school today, I almost felt proud.  Maybe these boys are getting over the hump of over advertised and airbrushed overt sexuality just right after discovering this stuff even exists.  A mother could hope.  I certainly don't want my own sons to think that the women they should chase after are plastic and have no preferences, even if they have perfect chests.

These boys?  They know.  When one says he likes 'em "crooked" and the other one likes 'em "like donuts" and then they all burst into gales of laughter, I figure that maybe normal will prevail instead or something more porny.

Not that I've ever been exposed to anything so lurid.  No no no no no.  I'm telling the judge I'm innocent.

Just the idea of human variety, even if it does produce giggles, that's a big idea.  A big flat crooked glazed idea.  We'll get past the joking eventually.

Ahh the days of staring at National Geographics...maybe not over.  And that's perfectly well and good. 

Now, let's see what's been recorded on my keylogger lately.

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