Thursday, October 14, 2010

A short post that does not rhyme.

I'm sitting on my third floor room at the Red Lion Hotel and Casino in Elko.  It has a balcony.

All the rooms have balconies though.  Even the first floor rooms.  I imagine that you could jump off my balcony and do a fair amount of damage to yourself but the first floor rooms are a little useless in that department.

My five year old has just looked into the bureau drawer, because all things in a hotel room are fascinating because it's not home, and exclaimed "Books!" at the discovery of the yellow pages and the Gideon Bible.  All light switches have been turned on and off multiple times and we have all removed the plastic wrap from the drinking glasses and had a sip of softened water.  I have not allowed them to use the coffee maker or the wall mounted blow dryer.

I have a fine view of Idaho Street and all the 35 mph traffic therein.  I'm within walking distance of a McDonalds, a Wendy's, a grocery store with a decent selection of hard liquor and a lemonade stand offering pamphlets on how a responsible citizen of this country can impeach Obama and vote for "anyone butt Harry Reid."

I got hit on at the registration desk.  Bonus.

Well...time to go.  We came here to listen to a poet and I have to keep moving so the republicans don't get a whiff of it. 

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