Monday, November 29, 2010

Easygoing. Carefree.

There is a big pile of ugly knit fabric on my table.  I intend to sew myself pajamas out of this.  I'm not one of those people who venture out of my house wearing my pajamas and using this inherited fabric for jammies will only strengthen my resolve.  I at least change into a pair of jeans and cover up the pajama top with a jacket.

Especially since I tend to go braless while wearing jammies.  Flashing evidence of this whilst loading gallons of milk into your cart is uncouth no matter how many people may appreciate the sight.

Don't get me started on what goes on in the produce section.

This pajama fabric was manufactured in the 80's and I'm going to get my Flashdance on.  One length is rainbow striped.  Rainbow Brite will be jealous, that fruity little twit.

The point of this post though is not my pajamas or my shopping habits.  The point is that I'm going to attempt to sew the newest trendy home fashion item with some of the shorter lengths of knits from the 80's.

I'm gonna sew my own panties.

To follow the trend I'm supposed to be sewing underpants out of my old t-shirts.  My two oldest t-shirts have my nephew's faces on them and I think that would be uncouth as well.  I love my sister's kids but love has limits.

Have a tutorial.  Learn how to cover your ass.

There is my Chris Isaak there's a thought...

Ooh, I tingled.

But no, I'm going to attempt to cover my butt then my body in rainbow print.  That ought to make me downright insouciant.

The thesaurus gave me that word when I looked up gay.


  1. I am glad you will not be putting my kids faces by your crotch!

  2. You need more to do.


  3. gins?

    How about gina. Although gins are nice too at certain times of the year, with some fruit.

  4. I'm tired of wearing underwear that develop giant gaping holes in a matter of months. I'm going to construct my own so any hole present is a design detail and quite on purpose.


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