Thursday, December 02, 2010


Yesterday my eleven year old son asked me what an orgasm is.

He asks all kinds of questions, that kid.  Just an hour ago he asked me what a prophet is.  The look of confusion on his face in reaction to the answers of both questions was priceless.  Bodily functions and having God yak away at you...whatchoo talkin'bout Willis?

Even more confusing is the pathways in my brain that reminded me to talk about my son's timely questions.

I was watching clips of "That's Incredible!" on YouTube.  I had planned to write a post about the wonderment that is John Davidson because he sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town for day 2 of my audio advent calendar.  Clips of "Hollywood Squares" wasn't cutting it.

You remember "That's Incredible!" don't you?

Oh, you weren't born yet.  Fine.

John Davidson, at least in the 80's, was a beautiful man with perfectly feathered hair and a smile so white you could only assume he was right with the lord.

....and there's the orgasm.  BLAMMO!  You are so welcome.

My son asked me, while watching clips, if I used to watch that.  I admitted I did.  He looked at me confused again.

Oh well.  Those dimples are a miracle aren't they?


  1. I was more a "Real People" person than a "That's Incredible!" person...thought I watched both religiously. Byron Allen and Fred Willard are my prophets.

  2. Loving those contestants! Who know Sacha Baron Cohen was already doing his Borat shtick in the 80's?


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