Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you enter too, and we both make it, let's meet in the hotel hot-tub to gossip about the other competitors.

As a housewife blogger, I find myself, from time to time, in a position to be of influence to other housewives.

Just today I gave useful and frugal advice on how to outfit yourself for the arrival of a baby.  Buy stuff for baby, but think about if it's ever going to have a secondary use when baby grows into a screaming toddling beelzebub.  Otherwise, what a waste of good money.  Like burp rags.  You can make them out of pastel print flannel, which is adorable, but then what do you do with them after baby stops puking all over?  Or you can invest in some practical kitchen towels which will be useful for cleaning all manner of spills for years and just happen to be more absorbent and will shrink less than cloth diapers.

You do not need a device to individually wrap disposable diapers after they've been soiled.  Really you don't.  Just take out your trash fairly often and wrap the super leaky stinkers in a shopping bag.  Or two.  That thing will just end up sitting at your yard sale unsold even after you've marked it down to 50 cents.  Though I admit that a string of diapers might have some decorative purpose if you are creative.

This is a tangent really.  I'm just expressing that I have this housewife thing right down pat (and I'm not having any more babies.)  There are other ways in which to influence all housewives out there in housewife land. 

Like what I also did just today...I tried out my first experimental recipe to enter the Pillsbury Bake Off on my husband.  My kids wouldn't touch it.

Isn't that the sort of shenanigans housewives are supposed to be involved in?  They have been since Pillsbury has ground high quality flours and then mixed that flour with grease to give us dough in a can.  Convenient.  Makes me pee myself a little in surprise every time that can pops open.

I'm not saying what I made with dough in a can, because if you steal my idea I will hunt you down and shove unbaked dough up your nose, except to say that it was pretty tasty and I've got a little heartburn.  My husband didn't hate it.

Do you think the judges would mark me up or down for the heartburn?  Perhaps if I made one of them pee a little in awe and delight I'd be sure to win the million dollar prize.  Then I could advise them on the best way to dispose of a diaper.  After three boy children I know exactly how far I can throw a balled up disposable across a room and hit the trashcan with accuracy.

Experimental recipes #2 and 3 to be attempted this weekend.  My husband will judge them for accuracy and any peeing he does will not be the result of delight so I know those experiments are no good.

Here's to hoping I won't have to break out any kitchen towels.


  1. Hi! I'm Chanie from
    I love your style of writting, your blog is so entertaining and fun to read.

  2. I like the hot-tub idea but its still not enuf to get me into the kitchen and bake something. Likely that contest is only for yanks anyways, eh!

    If you win, will you share your receipe?


  3. Lurker here! I've been around a while and enjoy reading, but I had to especially laugh at todays post.

    My man received a wreath at Christmas from his brother made out of a string from the diaper gene. They claim to have filled up the diapers with water, but who really knows...

    It was complete with a big red bow, so yes, people can get pretty creative with those things.


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