Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Me want Leg o'Lamb

Some months back my 16 year old son found some motivation hiding in his room under his pile of filthy socks and used it to draw a poster for a contest sponsored by Shop with a Cop, in which he won the $250 first place gift card to Kmart/Sears.

That's first place for our entire school district here in rural northern Nevada.  That's around 100 kids and a good 1000 head of sheep.  And a couple of blackjack dealers.  Maybe some hobos.

Still, it's an accomplishment to be proud of.  Especially since the kid owed me $75 dollars.  I was willing to take trade in merchandise.  He got his photo in the paper and a free gunlock too.  We don't have any guns but his school backpack is secure.

My son made some responsible purchases for himself.  He bought a winter coat because the one his loving parents purchased for him was considered dumb looking by all the sheep even if it was warm.  He bought a set of speakers and some school supplies.  He purchased a desk lamp of the lava variety.

...and for 59 cents on clearance he purchased a shirt to cover his nakedness.

I'd pay at least a buck for such subtlety.

In trade, I purchased a new sheet set to cover my nakedness in a very high thread count.  Blue.  The old sheets turned out to be one of the most worthless purchases I've ever made.  There is a very wealthy domestic maven who might get her product returned to her in the mail because I've never had crappier bedding.  The only reason I didn't replace them sooner was because I didn't want to waste the money I'd already spent on those wrinkled catastrophes and the sheep had left lanolin stains.

These new shop with a cop sheets got put on my bed yesterday...and oooh...if they ain't fancy to lay upon! They are like covering my mattress in a thick tarp of crisp cotton love!

My husband slid between them last night, got wide eyed, and declared, "Me want woman!"

So I acquiesced.

...and the sheep got shooed away.


  1. Are your new sheets Lands' End linens from Sears, or some other supra-Martha brand from Sears or Kmart? So many of my sheets and towels are from Lands' End—good stuff.

  2. I dunno. I threw away the label.

    I DO know they haven't got a post 60 year old blond woman's name on them.

    I like Land's End jeans...or I did. They stop making the cut that looked good on me. One of the few places I could get super long jeans without robbing a liquor store to afford them.

  3. LOL, like father like son, eh! I think thats a good thing.


  4. It does look like the perfect T-shirt for a teenage boy. Is he going to wear it to school?


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