Friday, February 04, 2011

Beautiful Boy

Tomorrow is my second son's 12th birthday.  Or, since I'm writing this rather late, in an hour and a half, it will be my Boo's 12th birthday.

It doesn't seem possible that he's twelve.  He's such a sweet and gentle boy that I fear the ravages that testosterone will be having on his body.

I wish I could stick him in a pickle jar and preserve the little boy-ness he still has.  The parts of him that are naive and innocent.  The parts of him that finds joy in uncomplicated things.  The parts of him that laughs out loud at the thoughts in his own head.


I got him some Axe deodorant as a joke.  He'll think it's funny, but he doesn't know that it's because the joke's on me.

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  1. My youngest granddaughter will be 11 in September. It really doesn't seem all that long ago that her father was 11! I say take a lot of photos and video as these years go by, as you will enjoy them in later years.

    Finished with your taxes, huh? I am still waiting on some of the needed documents. At least I don't have to do a state one nor do I think you do either.


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