Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Morning Minutia XIV

Reading through my previous Morning Minutia posts, I seem to post only when my boobs are sore.  Today is no exception. You readers and other hangers on see a Minutia post and you know to give me and my PMS a wide berth.

I wish that Gas X "you have a phone call on line toot" commercial would just go away.  Bring back the commercials where the contents of a Gas X liqui-gel pill squirted into a vial full of insidious soap bubbles makes the bubbles pop.  Gas X gets your farts unstuck. That slogan will sell pills.

If there was roller derby near me, I'd join up.  Kick ass.  Get pummelled by the woman three times my size with boobs as big as microwaves.  No need to pay me for that image.

If you use the word "sassy" in any context except for sarcasm, I'm going to barely restrain myself from punching you in the girl nards.  Heterosexual men don't seem to use that word and gay men are forgiven.

Speaking of my boobs, my husband and I went out to dinner the other night and I wore a new sweater, and I swear to God people were checking them out all night.  That usually never happens.  This is either because my lopsidedness was especially noticeable or because I was sporting some tasty decolletage.  I'm siding with tasty.

Long ago I was asked permission to allow a screenshot of my blog to be put in a documentary.  This documentary is called Peep Culture and will air on Canada's CBC News Network on February 16th.  So, will some of you Canadian readers and other hangers on watch this and tell me if my half a second of screen time has been edited out or not?

This post has been full of boobs hasn't it?  How...sassy.

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