Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The flowers will bloom again soon.

The evil thing that has happened in my little town has made it's way into news outlets nationwide. 

This gives me hope in a way.  People aren't so desensitized that this is beyond notice.  Have a news video.

This girl was one of my husband's favorite students.  The school is still reeling and today the anger has crept in past the numbness.  My husband has told his classes that there will be no making sense of this.  It's senseless.  But talking about it is ok and crying is ok and being angry as hell is ok, even in front of the class, for him and anyone else.

I don't know that it's proper that I represent my town in thanking people who didn't even know my part of the world existed for their empathy.  I know my husband appreciates the thoughts, condolences and grief expressed by many for her family and our little town.  Love is love and you take it when it comes.

It will be a while before the locals stop looking at each other with this unspoken sadness while serving the tourists that are trying to go about having a good time.  It's surreal.

My son, who is in the same class, read a poem he wrote at her candlelight vigil on Monday evening in front of 600 or more grieving people.  I am so proud of him.

How my husband has found ways to serve and help through all this has me as proud of him too, as proud as I've ever been.

Last week I was a bit sad about not building a home.  This week that's nothing.  I love my family.  If you have to take a life lesson from this, that would be it.  

...and hopefully I can be back to the funny before long. 

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