Monday, March 21, 2011

Honey Done

Saturday I had every intention of being Ms. Handyman about the house.  I have a desk to refinish and some cove molding to install and a small patch of tile to lay and some cabinet pulls to screw in and raking to do in the backyard and some pre-weeding and spraying for ants.

I'm the Honey in the do list.  It works for my marriage because if my husband was the Honey in the do list, he'd end up staple gunning himself to something....and none of it would be level.  I enjoy it and he doesn't, so there it is.

Didn't cross one single task off my list though.  Instead of doing my chores like a good worker bee, I spent the entire day in bed with my husband.  No, not doing that, but just being in bed.  Being warm, being comfortable, being relaxed, being cuddled, being with my man.

That should have been the entirety of my honey-do list all along.

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  1. That's how my husband and I spent our anniversary, when I was pregnant. It's a great way to spend a day!


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