Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hug Your Kids

I'm sure many of you heard about the teacher who got suspended in Pennsylvania for writing unflattering blog posts about her profession and generally complaining about her students.

Or the teachers in Utah who are in hot water for carrying on a sexual relationship with the same underaged student.

I'm also sure many of you have followed the de-unionizing of state employees in Wisconsin, the teachers union in particular, in an effort to balance that state's budget.  How either teacher's unions are giant sloths or a tool of the under-appreciated and under-compensated.

Did you also hear about the teacher that went with a group of his fellow teachers and community members to help find a student that went missing Thursday evening, tramping miles and calling for the girl?

That teacher was my husband.  The search party went onwards Friday evening and Saturday morning. 

...and that student, this 16 year old child that was nothing but sweet, was found Saturday in a shallow grave in rough desert just outside of town, abducted and murdered.

So teachers, students and community gathered all that Saturday evening and all day Sunday at the high school to cry together, and support one another, and to give love to that girl's family. Our oldest son is part of her class, the class of 2012, consisting of 70 students.

It's cliche to say that "this sort of thing" just doesn't happen here.  But it doesn't.  In our tiny town, where everyone knows everyone, this sort of thing shouldn't happen here.  This was a town where children could spend hours outside playing without worry.  Endless hours riding bicycles or chasing bugs or playing hide and seek.

News is tight and that's as it should be right now.  I won't speculate. 

Justin is shook up.  Misbehaving students, unmotivated students, lazy students are the least of the nightmares in his career.  Having to lead students in his first hour class, her first hour class, and try to get on with the business of learning, is enough to bring him to his knees.  There is no lesson plan other to say that he loves his students.  He loves teaching and he loves his kids.

...and this nightmare isn't even close to the nightmare that her mother is experiencing.

My husband and others like him are the people that teach your kids, and my kids, every day.  They give and give and give.

They care.

More than you know.


  1. I'm so sorry. How horrible.

  2. I'm a teacher, too. And it's true. We do.

  3. Oh GOD this is so bad I am sorry to listen it and now I am little bit upset to to read the story and I cant say any more sorry.

  4. Yeap, the world needs more teachers like Justin. Most of the teachers I have met are more like him than not.



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