Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loading. Loading. Loading.

A beautiful thing happened at my house today, right before lunch.

No, it had nothing to do with the mailman.  I have to pick up my mail at the post office and unless I'm having a large package delivered, I don't see the mailman.  You have to get your large packages over the counter you know.

This thing of beauty is that I got rid of my constipated wireless internet and got shiny new internet wherein I can actually watch YouTubes!

Like this YouTube of me wearing a pair of spring loaded fake breasts...

That 18 second video didn't take 18 minutes to load. Joy!

There was a time where I was happy with my ISP.  I paid my bill on time and got bandwidth that I couldn't shake a stick at.  My web pages loaded in a timely manner and I could stream "Hoarders" reruns until I was satiated.

But then my ISP sold it's interest to another controlling internet providing company and they didn't mind cutting everyone's service to the speed of dial up's bastard cousin.  You know, the one that hasn't discovered any practical uses for soap yet and brags about how his friend knows how to use nun-chucks.

So we called, to complain about the "duh".

They gave us a work order number and a date...which came and went without sight nor sound of anyone who could rectify the issue.

So we called, to complain about that too.

...And we got told something about towers and waves and whatnot.  Still no one came to fix anything nor did our speed improve.

Then they wanted our money.

So I logged into my sludgy internet to bring up their website and go about accessing my account and paying my bill. 

Only to find out that they had no such service on their website.  They barely had a website.  Which makes a bit of sense because it was the only site I'd recently visited that might load through two tin cans and a string.  What internet service provider doesn't utilize the internet to run their business?

An ISP that has an ongoing F on the Better Business Bureau's website since 2006.

That's when their company called to offer a free upgrade from the perfectly adequate speed I wasn't getting despite several complaints to double the speed, which I wouldn't get either, for free. thank you.

Considering that they are a company that I didn't expressly consent to give my custom to, I fired them. 

Many people in my community fired them.  The technician that installed my wiring today has been enjoying the overtime for three weeks and will continue to enjoy it for the next three.  His spring break has gone all to hell.

I'm gonna stream porn during mine because I can!

I'm kidding.

I got done during the 18 seconds above.

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  1. We have generally been happy with our Internet provider, a giant cable TV company. They are more expensive than our previous DSL through the phone company were but it is also about four times as fast.

    I looked at that link to the TV news clip about the young lady who was killed in your town. I don't understand how things like that can happen. Justin's students are lucky to have a caring person like him to be an example.

    That clip was followed on your TV channel with one about the young Utah girl who was shot & killed in Pt. Orchard, WA. That store is only about two miles from my Navy son's house. Some times I think I should just leave the news off and bury my head in the sand, but that wouldn't solve anything either.


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