Monday, March 14, 2011

A reason to wear my good shoes.

Tomorrow morning is going to be dedicated to hygiene.  Most days I can get by with enough hygiene go to the grocery store in a hoody and long pants.  Tomorrow I am going to wash grey out of my hair and de-fur my legs.  Then I'll shove my hair into hot rollers and put on eyeliner and mascara.  There may be hairspray involved.

I'm attending a funeral.  Read back a couple posts if you want the details.  Between this and the devastation in Japan I don't have the headspace to re-type the details.  Not that funerals are ever something you look forward to but that this one shouldn't have ever had to happen.  My husband will be speaking and I very much want to look the part of his wife instead of this schlep he lives with.

Even my husband shaved off his beard.  That's something right there.

If he'd shaved his legs too I'd have to find something else to blame it on.

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