Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wearing the Ruby Slippers

Hello, my name is Becky.  I'm a housewife.  I live in Nevada.  Nevada is this place in the western USA where there is much dry air which causes developers to build much real estate in boom times and foreclose on much real estate in recessions.  If you own a home in Nevada, where your mortgage is not upside down, and you have a job which will pay your mortgage as well as afford you some shoes, you aren't doing too bad.

I do have the choice of whether or not to willingly go barefoot and that is why we are going to refuse to purchase this new home that we've been negotiating to build for the last six months.

Yeah, I didn't mention that, did I?  I wanted to surprise my parents when the deal was solid.  I yak about it here and sooner or later a great aunt of an old schoolmate of mine tells my mom's next door neighbor who tells another neighbor and then my sister who also lives next door to my parents who then spills the beans.

However, the deal turned out to not be solid.  We got final numbers today, as modestly as we tried to keep our options, and it's as loose as breastfed baby poop.  It was needlessly more expensive than what we were led to expect.  The bottom line that they thought they might squeak out of us only served to make us shit our pants.  Then there wasn't enough diaper cream to prevent the raw seeping rash afterwards.

Since my parents have built many homes over the years and are experienced in what matters about home construction, we called Dad to confirm what we already knew.  That trading this old shithole with refinanced mortgage payments less than rent for a shiny and expensive new shithole would not be good in this economy much less our personal budget.  The breadwinner in my household is a teacher, aka state employee, in a time where state employees are getting the shaft with some token show of balancing the bloat.

I think I'm done using the word, "shit".  Don't hold me to that though.

Sorry, but if there is anything that living in Nevada has taught me, it's don't sign any papers giving away your soul so you can get starry eyed over granite counter tops, a garden tub and cathedral ceilings.   We. Can't. Afford.  It.   Our house plan included none of those and still the numbers kept on coming...insert another baby poop reference here.

There are ways to make more money, though, right?  Housewife sort of denotes a lack of employment on my part. Solves nothing though.  We'd go from one paycheck making enough to live comfortably to two and only making it paycheck to paycheck considering my earning power.  Everything that makes a home a home being drained away by trying to keep a house.  You can't sit on a mortgage like a nestegg and think it'll hatch.

Had they stayed in the parameters of the house payment we told them we could afford and they said they could deliver we wouldn't be having this problem.

Back to square one then.

Considering where our square one is, it's not a bad place to be.

At least here we have dry butts.  Spread that info around if you like.


  1. I hope this turn of events doesnt cost you anything.


  2. It didn't. We hadn't signed any contract yet.

    The housing market in Nevada is horrible.

  3. I think it is usually less expensive to remodel or even do an add-on to your present home than it is to buy a new one. That is something that you need to follow your mind on, not your heart. It is too easy to fall in love with a new house, at least until the realities of paying for it sink in.

  4. Adding on is not possible with this home.

    The home we were planning to build was modest and we chose modest options. Our building lots here are generally inexpensive. So the cost of the lot was grossly inflated. The construction costs were somewhat inflated.

    We were not pleased.

  5. Sorry to hear it didn't turn out right for you guys. But I know many people who would have tried to make it work somehow anyway, despite the rising costs, so kudos to you for sticking with your bottom line and not getting too vested in it and letting those emotions rule you. Then again, I know you're practical and smart like that.

  6. I agree with everything the housewife from Nevada has to say. I lived in the shithole called Vegas for a couple of years and my life has turned out to be a complete disaster. It couldn't get any more worse than that!


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