Friday, April 22, 2011

Minutia XV

Welcome to my writer's block.  Take a seat.  Put a towel down first though.  No need getting your butt stuck on the naugahyde.  No, I don't want to know why you're bare-assed.  I'll just take it as a given that you enjoy this blog.

What's funny about this writer's block is that I have no less than 12 potential ideas all lined up tidy like.  Ideas that come out as personable as chalk.  Meh.

Let's try some morning Friday night minutia.  See if I can knock something loose.

My cat Beulah has spent most of today kneading dough on my water bloated mommy gut.  She's my sister girlfriend, this cat, and I think she commiserates with these types of girl problems.  She's the only other female in this house afterall.

Instead of cleaning the toilet hinges in this house I just went and bought new toilet seats.  Best twenty dollars I've ever spent.

Onion dip is romantic if you use it right.

I don't know who this Rebecca Black is...don't tell me.  The stories I make up in my own head are bound to be far more interesting.  Becky has filthy habits, she does.

My teenaged son has just told me that there is a type of caterpillar that can shoot it's poop away from it's body a length of five feet.  If I had to choose a superpower....

I'm getting to know the staff at the new Taco Bell in town very well.  Almost Christmas card well.  Bad tacos are very good tacos.

Tomorrow there is much yardwork to do.  Unless it rains.  Which it probably will.  Yay!

This bra of mine needs to come off.  It doesn't fit.  My boobs need to choose a size and stick with it, dammit.

Finally, I've been asked by reader and an otherwise hanger on, Amy, to mention a site her sister started.  Amy's nephew was diagnosed with Ocular Melanonsis, a condition wherein an overproduction of eye pigment leads to all sorts of eye conditions, like glaucoma and ocular/uveal melanoma.  Learn more about Ocular Melanosis and if you know anyone with the condition, now there is a place online to gather.

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  1. Thank you for posting Becky!

    I had to laugh at your toilet seat comment. I've done that a couple of


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