Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yes, I have a Ziplock bag.

I wish that the stomach flu had some sort of RVSP that came along with it.  This is so you can plan a menu before it all comes back up.  Some foodstuffs are pleasanter than other foodstuffs on the second go round. 

Yes, my spring break has been ever so delightful.

No, I'm not telling you what I ate.

No, I didn't drink.


Not a drop.

Maybe I should have.  Recycled margaritas can't be all that bad.  Recycled red wine just stains doesn't it?   Shame to be sick without some sort of debauchery to go along with it anyhow.

My muscles are also sore and it feels like I'm wearing a rubber band around my head.  The doctor in me has prescribed several hot baths with the Kindle, plenty of ice tea, lots of sleep and a donut.

Yeah, a donut.  It was risky and delicious.  It's not made an encore yet.  Cross fingers.

Whilst soaking, I've finished Atonement, and Confessions of a Prairie Bitch and I downloaded a free book on menopause.  That one ought to be a corker.

So, it's back in the bathtub for me.

...and maybe another donut.


  1. Awwhhhh, get better fast. My suggestion is that you avoid the donuts.


  2. Donuts sound good but they do bad things to the middle of me. I really don't want to look as though I am wearing a donut around my middle.

    Reading back a few posts, Disneyland has good memories for me, too. The last time I was there was with Annie in Jan or Feb 2001. It rained fairly hard which kind of ruled out some of the outdoor rides but also being a school day, along with the rain, the place was not crowded. It truly is a magical place to visit, especially with kids. Have Fun!

  3. Did the donut finish you off? Very quiet since the ingestion of the evil deep fried sugar coated ring. They say they're not good for you but instant spontaneous combustion! Wow.

  4. Oh I forgot William Boyd - An Human Heart - great book for Kindling and bathing to.


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