Monday, June 13, 2011

At least my name isn't ironic...

You know, there was a time I thought I would be unfit to run for public office considering my history and some of my photos floating around the internet.

Photos like this:

...and this, which was stolen and used in pantyhose fetish websites:

Let's not forget this one either.

...and somewhere in this blog there is a photo of a good healthy portion of my right boob which I'm not posting or linking to. Can't make things too easy for you people. It's there and it's spectacular.

Now I know that I could indeed run for high level public office and probably get by with enough bullsquat to succeed admirably. Doesn't matter which party I represent either. Either side can pull humiliating stunts and my stunts will pale by comparison. I've gotten this partially nude photo thing out of my system, I hope, and I can move forward with unabashedly admitting that my morning farts sound like a bleats from a dented bugle.

Not that I'm ever going to do such a thing, run for public office. I don't deal well with crazy people. Causes anxiety. Makes previously sane people do nutty things. Makes already crazy people think they are saner than the rest of us.

Plus I don't like pantyhose, pantsuits or lipstick. My dressing up would include a closet full of earth mama broomstick pleated ankle length skirts and my husband's hand me down teacher shirts. No need to shave my legs or my pits.

Maybe I'll just wear the french maid get up.

Only because they'll never let me go ala-cart with the fairy wings.

You're only supposed to go 'round dressed like that on Twitter.

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  1. That French maid photo is great! Good looking outfit on a good looking woman. A nice combination.


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