Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disneyland - day 1 - I saw full boob riding on an escalator.

I woke up fresh as a daisy at 4:30 this morning. By 5:15 we were out the door, having left a kiddie pool full of food and the toilet lids up for the cats.
Twelve hours later and I'm pooped. Tonight we're in Vegas. Tomorrow, Father's Day and my youngest son's 6th birthday, we'll be at Disneyland!  (He was born on Father's Day you know.  You wouldn't believe how much I jumped up and down Saturday the 18th, at the end of that pregnancy, to accomplish that.  I wet myself twice in the cause of permanently one-upping my husband.)
Check out the view from my hotel room.

View's impressive ain't it? I could have spent more on a room with a better view and my kids still wouldn't leave the luggage racks and the Gideon Bible alone. 

Since we're all tired, and I got my period upon reaching Vegas, and we've already stopped to look at the lions at the MGM, and we've also looked at several underdressed women on the strip, we're in for the night pretty much.

Oh, the escalator thing?  If you're going to wear ill fitting strapless clothing, don't place yourself in a position where people are standing above you.  Some strange overdressed housewife cannot be helped in thinking that they resemble giant mutant garden slugs.  Put me off my custom mixed bag of M&Ms.

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