Sunday, June 05, 2011

Snooze Button

So this summer vacation BS has begun....

...with six loads of laundry.

What's worse than that is that I had run out of non-dairy creamer and I put milk into my coffee instead, resulting in a hot milk taste that ruined an entire morning.  Some of you silly people prefer milk in your coffee and good on ya, but I want the real fake creamer in mine. 

I've lost all control of the TV remote.  I had to watch Bob Ross on non-cable PBS today.

Someone left only a small handful out of the entire bag of my sour cream and cheddar flavored chips.  MY chips.  Martians came and ate them apparently.

Two dishwasher loads done and one to go.

One of my cats broke my lamp trying to balance between it and an open window on the first day this spring where opening the windows was a damned fine idea.

None of my bras fit anymore.  This is not the fault of any of my cats.  My breasts can't figure out what size they are these days.


I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. 

I win.


  1. Kids here have to go to the 17th but that is partially to make up snow days. No snow now though and it looks like spring has finally arrived with three 70 degree days in a row over the last weekend. Drizzle today but it is supposed to be better tomorrow. I'll bet you are starting to get downright warm every day. Don't you love summer vacation?

  2. I deleted the cleaners spam from the UK. They said I'd get more sleep. I don't think I would seeing that I'd be travelling from Nevada to Wimbledon to get my laundry done. Silly spammer.


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